About Us – History

Located on south Tarawa, Kiribati oil co ltd is fully government owned. The company established in 1986 as marketer and distributor of fuel product under government company act registration #21.

The KOIL story started as an energy agent and fuel regulator for MOBIL who own and operate the facility. After a series of agreement with MOBIL, KOIL buy and fully own the facility in 2007.

Today KOIL has expanded from a fuel service provider to a multi energy service distributor on any petroleum energy product to the people of Kiribati.

We provide Aircraft to ground fuels, cooking gas to home cooking appliances, automotive lubricants to oil cleaning agent and many more.

Our major energy services

1. Automotive fuels
2. Motor & Outboard lubricants
3. Cooking gas (LPG)
4. Aircraft bunkering
5. Marine vessel bunkering
6. Collection of waste oil
7. Bulk & Drum fuel delivery

Our fuel

Our fuel supplies are premium unleaded Petrol (RON 95), Automotive Distillate (0.5% sulphur), and Dual purpose Avtur that complies with DEFSTAN 81-91 –issue 6


With 30 years experience on automotive lubricant for cars hit the road in Kiribati; we provide varieties of oil selection base on customer preference and manufacturer requirement (OEM) suitable in our hash island environment.

Cooking Gas

LPG energy is a growing market segment in Kiribati. Our outlet to buy propane gas cylinder can be found at every LPG agent store throughout Tarawa.

Aircraft bunkering

Kiribati Oil Co Ltd maintains an aviation depot at the BONRIKI International airport, the Cassidy International Airport and small airstrip for ferries refueling on the island of TabNorth, Arorae and Fanning.

Aircraft are supplied using our mobile refueling unit from these depots. The mobile refueling unit carries jetA1 fuel capacity of 20,000 liters and has a pumping rate of 60 liters per minute. These mobile refueling units comply with the latest aviation refueling standard. Payment to uplift fuel on either Airport can be pre arrange via mail contact to KOIL. Alternatively payment can be made in cash but amount will not exceeding US$5k

Our major uplifted fuel customers are Air Kiribati Limited, Fiji Airways, Nauru Airlines, Surveillance and recon mission aircraft from Royal New Zealand & US, and other small ferries.

Marine vessel bunkering

Like any overseas port, vessels arriving at Tarawa are required to undergo Quarantine, customs and immigration clearance before any persons is permitted to disembark. All necessary documents should be made available to Customs including passport, immigration cards, port clearance, etc.

Detail information on vessel clearance to Tarawa and Christmas port including supply restrictions such as vessel draft, etc can be obtained from the Customs & immigration office and the Kiribati Port Authority respectively.

Our ground product fleet is our mode of fuel delivery to these ports. Each unit is carrying fuel capacity of 25000 liters and pump rate of 800 liters per minute. The gas oil supplied by Kiribati oil complies with the latest standard.

Payment and fuel supply availability can pre arrange with KOIL Head Office via mail contact or phone call; 2 weeks before the vessel arrive. Vat inclusive on price is applicable to our local customers only.

Waste Oil

KOIL is developing a waste oil disposal program that will help cleaning up waste oil on the island and export them to buyers.

The service is offered to individual customers, mechanic workshop and the general public to return their waste oil to our terminal facility at XMAS and Tarawa at the cheapest price.

News & Articles

30 Years Anniversary, 10th December 2016

Kiribati Oil Company Ltd are suppliers of propane gas, a wide selection of motor oil and other energy related services.

The oil and natural gas supply chains in Kiribati is vital for your systems, businesses and homes who rely on oil and gas products and services for your daily lives. Kiribati Oil Company Ltd has created supply chain models for both oil and natural gas to communicate, in the simplest terms, how the industry works from the identification of resources to the end user.

As a leading oil and gas industry provider with over 30 years experience, we recognize that we produce the products that fuels and are essential to manufacturing, power generation and transportation in Kiribati.

The basics to understand your engine is to give it the right oil. At Kiribati Oil Company Ltd, you can be confident that we have the right oil and energy supply for you.

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