About KOIL

Kiribati Oil Company Limited is a sole supplier of fuel, propane gas, a wide selection of motor oil and other energy related products and services in Kiribati. The oil and natural gas supply chains in Kiribati is vital for supporting our customers’ needs as in supporting their businesses, homes, and systems which rely on oil and gas products and services provided by KOIL. KOIL has created supply chain models for both oil and natural gas to communicate, in the simplest terms, how the industry works from the identification of resources to the end user. As a leading oil and gas industry provider with over 30 years of experience, we recognize our customers’ needs on the type of oil and gas products used in  manufacturing, power generation, transportation and, any other purposes supported by KOIL’s services in Kiribati. The basics to understand your engine is to give it the right oil. At Kiribati Oil Company Ltd, you can be confident that we have the right oil and energy supply for you

Vision & mission

Our Vision is “Operating safely, efficiently and effectively whilst meeting international petroleum industry standards”.  Our Mission is to sell reliable and quality fuel, lubricants and other petroleum products to our valued local and foreign clients at an affordable price using the best customer service approach.  We committed to operating safely, protecting the environment and meeting international industrial standards set for petroleum companies.

Our history

Kiribati OIL Company Ltd (KOIL) is a fully government owned company established in 1986 under the Government Company Act with a registration number 21 as a sole marketer and distributor of petroleum products in Kiribati. The KOIL story started as an energy agent and fuel regulator for MOBIL who owned and operated the facility. After a series of agreement with MOBIL, KOIL buy and fully own the facility in 2007. Today KOIL has expanded from a fuel service provider to a multi energy service distributor on any petroleum energy product to the people of Kiribati. We provide Aircraft to ground fuels, cooking gas to home cooking appliances, automotive lubricants to oil cleaning agent and many more.

Our facility & resources

KOIL owns and operates 3 major fuel terminal storage facilities in Kiribati. The largest is in Betio serving Tarawa with rest of the Gilbert group followed by the Ronton Terminal storage facility at Ronton village in Kiritimati (Christmas Island) serving the far Kiribati islands in the Line Group.

The Kanton terminal is the third biggest facility located on the island of Kanton (Canton) serving this inhabited island only in the Southern Phoenix group. Given Government plan to develop this region in support of the PIPA project implemented in this remote part of the country, KOIL has started working on building its fuel farm on Kanton including refurbishment of  current storage tanks  to meet the expected high fuel demand from the PIPA project.

With these major fuel storage terminals, KOIL is also running and maintaining small fueling depots at every outer island including the Bonriki International Airport, Cassidy Airport, TabNorth, and Tabuaeran (fanning) Airport. These smaller depots are being administered by KOIL Tarawa and Kiritimati terminals for stock replenishment, distribution, depot maintenance, returns, trainings, etc. The Head Office is located in Betio, South Tarawa in Kiribati.

Our future

KOIL will continue to providing to our customers the best quality fuel and energy services at the best prices with fairness, satisfaction and safety paramount in all our services to our customers. Our future success depends on the success and satisfaction of our customers.